Celebrity Deaths — STOP IT!

I am seeing a lot of blog postings & alerts along the lines of:

  • So & so was killed skiing/snowboarding in Europe
  • So & so was NOT killed skiing/snowboarding in Europe

What appears to be going on is unscrupulous people are posting these stories and getting a burst of traffic from the BS rumor post or the denial story. Yesterday, it was a famous comedian/singer/actor today it was another actor whose name I did not recognize.

There was supposedly a rumor going about the death of a famous singer but she did not die (though reputable reporting does note she is gravely ill and the story does not involve winter spor). What irritates me the most is the stories are tending to center on skiing or snowboarding, there is enough reality along those lines we don’t need to add on with fiction. Please knock it off, and please don’t click on the links for the entire story, whether rumor or denial of rumor.

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