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I received a comment today:

And before you flag this for being an “ad,” the site is all free – there’s no charge for anything and we’re not tryin’ to make a buck off anyone. We’re just a group of concerned riders, skiers, boarders, etc. who’ve had our stuff jacked too.

Actually, I could care less whether or not the site is offering paid for goods & services or free goods and services. I care more about relevance.

The comment posted was aimed directly at the content of the post, furthermore it is obvious the comment is made by a real live person. The comment is approved.

I am looking to promote the ski industry and that means get people to ski and snowboard resorts, get them to find out how to get the best value for their money and that often means making sure they have proper equipment, services, and guidance.

What comments do I reject? Example:

Hey blogowner, great post your articulated my thinkings precisely on this important topical idea. Your theme looks great too, hey did you know if you compare the MP3 player X alongside MP3 player Y you will like MP3 Player Y? Ciao!

This comment will be posted on my “About page”. Fortunately, my anti-spam catches nearly 100% of these and lets most hams through.

The most important thing to having your comment go through is be human and be on topic.

Good Stuff!

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