My Take on Figure Skating

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Figure Skating
Figure Skating in Eagle River WI

Over on Twitter I see a lot of my tweeties deriding figure skating. I will admit, I stew when alpine skiing gets the short shrift to figure skating, but think about it people.

Figure Skating in Eagle River WI
I Like This!
Nearly one month ago I said:

However, Olympic skiing plays second string to skating and I do not see that changing in the near future. Unless more people in this nation take up skiing and actually experience it, skiing will never be more popular than the Winter Olympic version of Dancing with the Stars.

I stick by the assessment.

I’m not as riveted to tonight’s ice skating (men’s short program). However, how can any red-blooded guy not watch pairs and women’s figure skating?

This all seems custom made for a stand up comedy routine.

Update: Forgot to note how I have a beef with the subjective judging.

Good Stuff!

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