Copper Peak to Fly Again!

Copper Peak to Fly Again!
Copper Peak is Back in Business!

Copper Peak to Fly Again!
Copper Peak is Back in Business!
Copper Peak to Fly Again! Yes, that is correct, the ski jump (though, they don’t say it is for ski jumping it is for ski flying) Copper Peak Inc renovated the jump facility and will host ski flying again this winter on February 28, March 1, and March 2 2014. I do not ski jump or fly but I do watch this exciting event and am looking forward to visiting this fascinating facility. Copper Peak is a world-class facility and this event is bound to excite all winter sports enthusiasts! The best thing is this facility is in the middle of the regional alpine skiing center where there are four ski resorts close by: Big Powderhorn, Indianhead, Blackjack, and Whitecap. No doubt all of resorts will benefit from this great event!

Copper Peak to Fly Again! — Diverse Tourists

Events and venues such as this attract people from all over the world. An acquaintance informs me there is quite a diverse bunch of tourists around Iron Mountain during the winter as Iron Mountain also has a ski jump facility, but of course this venue is a much bigger jump. It will be nice to see the local hospitality industry garner more business and with that comes improvements and updates.

No one has made a jump at Copper Peak since 1994 and it is about time this fantastic facility comes alive again. Congratulations to Copper Peak Inc. for making this possible!

Copper Peak to Fly Again! — Flying in the Old Days!

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for the video and indeed the Michigan resorts will gain some visitors. Hope to see you there Wisconsin Skier!

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