Alpine Replay Review

Alpine Replay Review
Alpine Replay Review

Alpine Replay Review
Alpine Replay Review
I use a particular phone app to record and track my skiing statistics and here is my Alpine Replay review! I use a number of different motion tracking apps such as My Tracks and Endomondo but I find the previously mentioned apps are not very well suited for ski tracking. Sure, they track speed, record the maximum speed, distance, your path across the mountain, and caloric burn, but skiers have a few other considerations the previous two apps do not cover. This is where Alpine Replay comes in and sparkles like a special snowflake!

Alpine Replay Review — Product Review Disclosure Statement

I obtained Alpine Review by free download of the app from the Google Play Store, the app is free to all and does not provide a premium pay version. I have no financial interest in the Alpine Replay app or its creators and have not received any communication or consideration from the creators or representatives of the app.

Alpine Replay Review — The Interface

Alpine Replay Review the start screen
The Start Screen
The user interface requires two discussions. The first one is the actual use while skiing (or snowboarding) and that interface is as easy schussing a bunny hill. Start up the application and there is a big fat “play” button and for those still on the tech bunny slope there is line of text telling you what to do.

Alpine Relay Review On Pause
Alpine Relay is Paused
The app now acquires the GPS signal and commences tracking. Again, easy intuitive interface as to what to do next, if you want to stop tracking there is a big fat pause button with the one line text hint present. The screen also now shows altitude, time elapsed, and max speed.

I am not so concerned about the altitude and time elapsed numbers, but at times I am near obsessed with the max speed figure, so I am glad Alpine Replay puts that front and center. When you enter pause mode the interface presents two small buttons at the bottom of the screen entitled “resume” and “send”.

Resume I presume (it does) triggers the app to track again and send triggers the transmission of the data to the cloud. Alpine Replay claims multiple sends on one trip will be merged though I need to test that. Where I typically ski has poor cell coverage and the WiFi in the lodges tend to be rather congested, so I typically wait until I am done-done skiing to transmit. If you have an adequate data connection transmitting your data is a snap and even if the data connection is of poor quality you can wait until you get onto a wifi or into better coverage.

To this now Alpine Replay has been shredding the gnar, mastering the mountain, ripping it up, or whatever cliché you prefer, but you get it, it does very well with the tracking and recording phase of the operation. Now comes Alpine Replay’s epic yard sale.

Alpine RElay click profile
Click Profile
The Android interface to the finalized statistics is clunky and getting to them is like being a front-runner in a Hash House Harrier event. However, I am finally getting it down. Once you select profile, you will then get a listing of your outings with a rollup of vertical, distance, and runs, clicking on a particular outing gives you a map of your track and more outing details. Plus you can also examine individual runs!

Alpine Replay Outing Details
Details of Your Day on the Mountain
Here you can see the details of the trip including the whole track you made across the mountain. This screen also allows you to scroll through individual runs and get the statistics for each run you made that day.

Alpine Replay Review — Weaknesses

I notice that Alpine Replay is tagging me with as skiing at Indianhead Mountain when in fact I am at the nearby Blackjack Mountain. Other locating applications are able to able to distinguish between the two so this can be improved and may be a matter updating Alpine Replay’s database of ski resorts.

Even though I finally have the trick to get to the outing and run details I still think that access can be made better. I have used this app a number of times now and it has finally got easier, not fool-proof but I am learning it.

Alpine Replay Review — Other Features

Alpine Replay has a social and competitive aspect to it as well. You can follow the skijinx of others and they can follow yours as well. The app also has a leader board and ranks all users in terms of metrics such as vertical, sustained speed, time, calories burnt, etc

I am using this app every time I go skiing now and I like it. It is a reliable app and does not crash. I have not done any sort of testing of the metrics so I take it on faith the numbers are somewhat close to being accurate.

Alpine Replay — In Short

In short if you want to track ski metrics this is a good app to do that and given the fact it is free the price is right for this quality app.

Good Stuff!

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