Yaktrax Review

Yaktrax Review

Yaktrax Review
Yaktrax Review

Yaktrax Review

One of the nuisances of living in wintery climates is walking on icy and snowy surfaces, while we can be prepared for walking on slick surfaces we have to change the way we walk and even if we are careful we can still slip and fall. Yaktrax seeks to solve that problem for us, in short they are tire chains for your shoes!

Yaktrax Review — Product Review Disclosure Statement

I was contacted by a representative of a marketing firm to see if I would be interested in testing Yaktrax and reviewing the product. I agreed and provided a few things about my winter lifestyle my shoe size and address. Within days the product came. Other than that initial exchange I had no exchanges with that representative or Yaktrax. Furthermore, other than the complimentary product I have received no other compensation or consideration or promise thereof.

The uses described in this review occurred over multiple weekends.

Yaktrax Review — Initial Impression

I took the product out for a spin this evening while shoveling the driveway. In my previous shoveling excursions (3 in a 24 hour period) I had discovered a number of icy spots on the concrete section of our driveway and so I thought that would serve as a good first trial of Yaktrax.

Yaktrax Review
Yaktrax — Tire Chains for my Shoes!
I started out walking with care but as time went on I gained more confidence and it was not long I was walking with great confidence. I did not find walking on the Yaktrax to be uncomfortable or awkward in the slightest. I located some of those icy patches and put my weight on them and no problem, the Yaktrax gained me traction where I had very little before.

One problem I did have was one of them kept coming off and doing my work at night I had to spend some time locating the Yaktrax that came off. I then sat down and looked at my right Yaktrax and replicated what I found with my left Yaktrax, however, I did not have enough walking after that switch to discern if it helped to solve the problem or not. My guess is there are instructions somewhere that I refused (Man Union rule 128.21-7) to read.

The next tests I would like to do are driving with Yaktrax, and perhaps some good extended power walking on icy-snowy surfaces.

Yaktrax Review — Further Testing

I wore my Yaktrax to work today, I fitted them on prior getting in my car. I report the followoing:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • When walking I was able to do so normally and comfortably.

  • Good Traction on MOST surfaces
  • With one exception, it did not make a difference what type of surface I was on, it did not matter if the surface was dry or snow and ice covered.

  • Not Good on ALL surfaces
  • Indoors walking to my office I noticed reduced traction on tile floors and while it was not as bad as walking on glare ice without Yaktrax, I changed my walk to compensate for the reduced traction on tile. I experienced no problems walking on carpeted surfaces and I suspect the main problems walking on wood floors will come from upset home owners.

  • No problems with them coming off
  • Today, I did not experience them coming off, they stayed on.

Yaktrax — Even More Use

Yaktrax Review
Easy to Mount
The weather coated our region with sheet ice the last weekend and gave me a perfect opportunity for more testing. First, the change in mounting the Yaktrax I describe above worked, I have not had any problems with the Yaktrax falling off of my shoe since I took more care to mount them properly.

I found driving with Yaktrax to be nearly unnoticeable, so you can get in and out of your car with Yaktrax on without worrying about having to take them off and put them back on.

The Yaktrax definitely helped this weekend, my companions were much more uncertain with their walking than I was. The Yaktrax did not overcome the servere iciness of the weekend but they did help considerably. When walking with my companions I noticed I was walking with a more normal gait (again, it was so icy and wet even the YakTrax could not completely negate the hazard) than my compnaions.

YakTrax REview — Recommendation

I recommend Yaktrax to help you walk with more confidence in icy and snowy conditons.

Good Stuff!

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