Drone Nearly Crashes into Marcel Hirscher!

Drone Wars to Commence at the Ski Hill

Marcel Hirscher is nearly struck by a Drone
Marcel Hirscher. Source Big Stock

Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher narrowly avoided crashing onto him durin the FIS slalom race in Madonna di Campiglio in Italy. Here is the video:


Wow, good thing he skis fast!

We can expect to see more of this, especially as more and more of us come into possession of consumer grade drones. I suspect we will start to see more and more attempts for the unskilled to take their low-quality and poorly maintained drones to these events and attempt to record their own video. There are a number of snow resorts that already ban their use by all except for permitted agencies (for hire of course).

The Telegraph has more details.

Good Stuff!

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