The Little Ski Resort that Could

When many people think of skiing the first resorts that come to mind are usually Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, etc. However, recently we have all become aware of Buck Hill where Olympic downhill gold medalist Lindsey Vonn learned to ski.

In addition, Ski Brule near Iron River Michigan sent a snowboarder to the Olympics.

Unfortunately, one thing we see regularly is the closure of the small ski resort and this is a topic I have written about too many times. I reported on the closure of four separate ski areas three here in Wisconsin and one in Minnesota. This is too bad, how many future Olympians whether snowboarders or skiers will never sprout? How many potential ski coaches will wind up in the cube?

What can we do about this? Good question. I guess we can refuse to stick our noses in the air when it comes to the ski resorts next to us. So what, if the resort two hours from home does not have the elevation the big resorts do? Go there, carve some turns, encourage your children or the children in your life to come and ski with you. Maybe even coach or sponsor a skier or a team

Even if you do not sponsor or coach patronize your local hills as well as the distant ones.

Good Stuff!

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