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On Nick Baumgartner
On Nick Baumgartner

Nick Baumgartner whose home hill is Ski Brule the same as mine is done with his chase for Olympic gold.

The Detroit Free Press notes:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — It wasn’t the way Nick Baumgartner wanted his first Olympics to end — in the first round of the elimination heats, with the toe of his snowboard catching a pile of slop on the course.

In that split second, Baumgartner knew what was happening next. He was wiping out, and going down with him would be his dream of winning an Olympic medal in men’s snowboard cross in front of his son’s kindergarten class, which was tuning in on TV in Iron River in the Upper Peninsula.

That is too bad of course, but the way things shake out. I hope Nick gets another shot at gold but if he does not he has reached a level few of us achieve in any endeavor. Don’t worry Nick, we are still proud of you!

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