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Skiing and Alpine Terms starting with the Letter H

Skiing ABCs H -- The Letter H
Shushing onto the letter H
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The Skiing ABCs shushes onto the letter H.

Skiing ABCs — H is for Head

Head Rev 80 Pro Skis Head is the brand of skis I currently ski with. I purchased them in the Christmas season of 2014 and skied on them for the first time early in 2016.

The wood skis used when Howard Head an aeronautical engineer went skiing amazed him and he determined to bring skiing into the modern materials age. The result of that determination was a ski constructed of an aluminium and plastic laminate. In 1950 they had a ski design that worked and they quickly became the leading ski manufacturer in the US and UK. Howard Head eventually sold the company and moved onto tennis.

Head skis continue to be a leading ski brand with many star athletes using their skis on the world cup circuit. Head skiers include Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety, Lindsey Vonn, Andrew Weibrecht, Jared Goldberg, Anna Fenninger, Aksel Lund Svindal, Lara Gut, Kjetil Jansrud, Wendy Holdener, Matthias Mayer, Alexis Pinturault.

Skiing ABCs — H is for Hahnenkamm

Skiing ABCs H is for Hanenkamm -- Skier Crashing
Even the Best are Humbled!
The Hahnenkam is the Daytona 500 of ski racing. The Hahnenkamm is held in Austria and its main event is the Men’s downhill race and the course is considered by many to be the toughest challenge in ski racing. The Hahnenkamm course is notorious and it does not matter how accomplished the skier is, the Hahnenkamm race can easily put you into the nets and hospital. Aksel Lund Svindal — the favorite to win the men’s downhill series on the 2015-2016 World Cup circuit ended up in the hospital and done for the season after his attempt at the 2016 Hahnenkamm.

Former Team USA skier Daron Rahlves won the Hahnenkamm race in January of 2003.

Skiing ABCs — H is for Hurley

Hurley is town in Northern Wisconsin along HWY 51 and is near the border with Michigan’s UP. Hurley lays in the core skiing region of the Upper Midwest being easy driving to Whitecap Mountain, Copper Peak, Big Powderhorn, Indianhead, and Blackjack. Add in it is home to premium snowmobiling, icefishing, and cross country skiing Hurley is synonymous with winter playground. Of course, if you want to visit during the summer much fun is to be had there during the summer months as well.

Hurley is also home to the Wisconsin Skier favorite Branding Iron Supper Club. When there look for the Ten Dirham note from the United Arab Emirates, that was mine!

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