Skiing ABCs B

Skiing and Alpine Terms starting with the Letter B

Skiing ABCs B
Skiing ABCs B. Source: Free Stock images by Pixabay
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Skiing ABCs B — B is for Bluebird

A literal bluebird
No, not that kind of bluebird. Image from: Pixabay
This is a BLUEBIRD Day
This is a BLUEBIRD Day
Skiers do not mind the gray days as those are the days delivering the fresh goods (ie snow) to us and if it is snowing hard enough we can get a nice untracked run every time down the mountain.

However, the days we all pine for are bluebird days. Bluebird days are those days when the sun is yellow, the snow is white, and the skies are BLUE. It does not have to be warm out as the sun often provides warmth our bodies and clothes absorb, plus the winds are often low or calm on these days. Since we are out skiing and working our legs it is plenty easy to stay warm on bluebird days regardless of the actual air temperature.

Skiing ABCs B — B is for Beer

Skiing ABCs B -- Beers I Reach fo Après Skir
B is for Beer
After a hard day of skiing nothing hits the spot like a beer. I used to make beer stops during the day while skiing and occasionally still do, but my preference is to refrain from having that beer until I get back to wherever it is I am staying. I do not believe having one beer impairs one enough to stay off the slopes but there is a principle I strive to uphold about alcohol and having a beer while skiing violates that principle (I have written about skiing and alcohol before).

Also, when I have a beer now I tend choose microbrews over macrobrews. I have no qualms about macrobeers but I crave the variety of beers provided by microbeers. I rarely want a pilzen style beer in the winter and drink heavier beers with IPAs, stouts, and porters ruling my winter beer selection. All the better if I can find a beer named with a snow theme.

Another beer principle I uphold is moderation (getting a bit beer-snobby here) I am truly trading quantity for quality, I do not talk about it I actually live it.

Skiing ABCs B — B is for Boots

B is for Boots as in Ski Boots
The Joy of Ski Boots. Source: Pixabay
Ahhhh, the joy of ski boots! The boots we wear for skiing make many people think snowboarding might be a good alternative to skiing. Ski boots are hard to put on, hard to walk in, hard to take off, hard to keep warm in, hard to feel comfortable in. However, when we walk into the lodge after the last chair and last run of the day the act of getting our feet out of the ski boots reduces the sadness of ending the ski day.

Keep your Ski Boots Warm!

A hint here. When you are going to go skiing get your boots inside and when actually travelling to the ski hill keep them in a place they will stay warm in your car. Warm ski boots are much-much easier to put on than cold ski boots.

Skiing ABCs B — B is for Beaver Creek

Birds of Prey Ski Race 2015
B is for Beaver Creek! Source — Wikipedia Birds of Prey (ski course)
Beaver Creek is a mountain resort in Colorado USA. It is currently the only world cup FIS Alpine stop in the USA. The racers ski on a run they terms Birds of Prey and that course consists of a number of different courses. The first stretch is called Zoom Room and is rated as a blue run and the racers characterize the stretch as nearly flat. The second part is called The Brink and is anything but flat with a grade of 100%! Yes, that is a 45° pitch. After that it flattens out but is still challenging and contains a number of jumps. This run is on my bucket list.

Come to think of it, B is Birds of Prey too!

Skiing ABCs — Do YOU Have any Bs to Add?

What is missing from my list of B terms related to Alpine sports?

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