Skiing is Supposed to be Fun

Ski areas are supposed to be fun. People pay a lot of money to relax, get outside, and enjoy a nice winter day away from their other obligations. So this season, try to be cordial to everyone at the mountain, regardless of what group you fall into.

So says Matt at Ski = MC Squared (the physics student in me wants to dig up the exact formula there, I think it is missing the kinetic portion of the energy, but I digress).

Matt in stating all of this is very right, I noted this in his linking to my post on ski resort resorting to getting the government involved in enforcing speed rules.

Being on the hill is supposed to be fun. Do not get too wrapped up around what other people are doing (more on this later). Make sure you are not impeding other people by plopping your tails down right off of the lift. Do not cut in queues, do not try to transfer lift tickets or borrow your friend’s season pass, etc.

The most important part is knowing and abiding by the code. Don’t think the best way to learn to ski is by charging headlong to the resorts double-black diamond runs, black-diamond runs, or even their blue runs. You can build up enough energy on a fairly gentle run such to do a number on yourself.

It is no fun if you are getting taken off of the hill by the ski patrol in their toboggan. Not only does that put a big damper on your day, week, month, year; it also affects the strangers who see a poor sap and they feel sorry for you.

Have fun, but know the code.

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