Snow Engagement

Snow Engagement Does not Always Involve Edges!

Snow Engagement
It All Looks Routine!
I was skiing alone at Marquette Mountain on Sunday, when the wind was gone and we had periodic fits of sunshine and blue sky. I think it was Chair 1 (or chair 2, I don’t recall exactly which one) I took to the very top of the mountain and I got off. Off to my right and in front of me I spied what I surmised to be a family lining up for a photograph. I definitely remember noting the imminence of picture-taking but don’t recall making any overt move to help until the man in the bunch asked if I would do that. Of course I would do that after all I am not afraid to ask others to do the same for me, kinda like a smoker bumming a cigarette from another.

Snow Engagement The Surprise!

Snow Engagement
No More Routine.
So I was handed his IPhone and squinting to overcome my contact-lens vision and the bright ambient light I found the trigger got them all lined up in the photo and snapped one quick photograph. I returned the IPhone back to its owner and then he inspected the photo and asked for another shot, of course I would help out. I got into position and then he turned away from the camera to face the woman in the bunch, he got down on his knee, and pulled out a ring and presented it to her. She was very surprised and of course he asked her to marry him and she unhesitatingly said yes. Of course I am now tapping the IPhone like a hyperactive woodpecker. Eventually, the drama of the genuine surprise and the kisses and hugs came to and end.

I returned the camera to the happy couple, wished them well, and thanked them for letting me be part of their happy moment and they thanked me for the help. I went back to my gear and kitted up again and as I skied by the two young girls in tow with them expressed a mix of boredom and disgust, I chuckled at them and asked if that had enough of the mushy stuff.

Snow Engagement

Keith and I chatted a bit I asked if I could use the photos here and he said sure and then I told him to search out the Wisconsin Skier and he found me on Facebook and we connected. It turns out we have one mutual connection already and that common friend’s tagline is “Oh the places you will go when you love snow”. Well, there is one couple that are living that tagline for real!

Congratulations Keith and Clair!

Good Stuff!

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