Snow — Now a Four Letter Word

Even a couple of weeks ago I would have been okay with snow, as a skier I like it and I believe winter should be — winter.

Over the night of April 7 and into April 8, we received snow and when it was done the total amount came to about 4″. It will not last long.

We have now received more snow this April than in all of the March just before. Since ski season is over I am done with snow, but of course nature and winter are not so easy to convince. In fact, April is my least favorite of months. No fishing, no hunting (I don’t turkey hunt), no fishing, no firewood making, very little anything.

Now I view snow as a loathsome creation causing the sidewalks and roads to be slippery and treacherous; my attitude will change but it will take all of summer for that to happen.

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