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Ever watch downhill skiing competition on the TV? I am sure you have, if you are reading this blog you surely are die-hard enough to watch alpine skiing on TV.

Do you react to what you see on the screen?

Not only do I react as a spectator, I react as a participant. I understand what the competitors are going through. I understand the forces they are subjecting themselves too. Not only that, but I know what is generally going through their minds and it is not an insult to say not much.

They are focused in way that any one of us rarely is. Not to say you have never experienced such focus we all have at one time or another in our lives.

Another interesting phenomena I experience while watching ski competition is my body reacts according to what the competitor is currently undergoing. If they have to zig or zag my body will zig or zag with them, even sitting in my easy chair my body wants to react (much more if I am standing). This is much more evident in watching downhill, suger-g, giant slalom, and during slalom skiing to a lesser extent. I don’t get that while watching freestyle or the various ski aerial competitions.

Do you react in a similar way to watching ski competitions?

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