The 2014 Winter Olympics One Year Away!

2006 Winter Olympics
Excuses from the 2006 Winter Olympics

2014 Winter Olympics
2014 Winter Olympics
The 2014 Winter Olympics are about one year away. The 2010 Winter Olympic games excited myself. I enjoyed watching and commenting on the games. The reason for this is obviously because it is the most widely viewed exhibition of competitive skiing. Yes, of course, I view the Olympics as essentially another set of stops (at least unofficial stops) on the FIS tour, and in fact, I get to watch plenty of World Cup skiing now.

The Winter Olympics — What I Like

I like to see the winter sports get some major attention from the world. I like the fact that sports I like to participate in gets the attention I believe these sports deserve. I like the fact I am in a genuine position to intelligently comment on and share those observations. Back in 2010 this effort was undergoing a revival and I had a good time writing up on the Olympics.

The Winter Olympics — What I hate

The Corruption

I generally consider the International Olympic Committee corrupt, it is a shame but they are a private entity so in the end if they are okay with it then so be it. I remember when Toronto was in the running for the 2008 Summer Olympics game and they lost out to China, to myself that was a foregone conclusion.

The Coverage

I also detest the fact that many people whine about the coverage of skiing. I mean they complain like they expect it will take front and center. Is it their first winter Olympics games? Every winter the broadcast network delays and abbreviates coverage of the events. Yeah, I would like to see the entire field run but even during the World Cup season we get an hour and a half of event coverage and we usually see abbreviated runs.

Well, there are a lot of sports to show and figure skating is the most popular of the winter sports. There is a reason I like to watch figure skating that I think quite a few men will agree with that (at least once they think about it). So, I am okay with the less than perfect coverage of the skiing, especially now I can watch Alpine skiing all winter long.

The Ceremonies

I generally hate the opening and closing ceremonies (though I will watch). Just so much froo-froo and I hate the infestation of pop-music stars into these events.

Despite all of that, I am looking forward to the Winter Olympic 2014 games.

The Winter Olympics — How About You?

Leave your opinions about the Winter Olympics in the comments section, I wan to know!

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  1. 1. Too many talking heads, not enough video of actual competition.

    2. Opening and closing ceremonies? Bleah.

    3. Pretending that we don’t know who won?

    4. Too much focus on ice skating.

  2. John,

    I forgot to add an annoyance, the personal stories on the athletes. Yeah yeah yeah, we get it, the competitor did not pop out of the womb a fully fledged and Olympic caliber bobsledder and they had to skip their jr. prom to train or whatever.

    Number 3 I do not notice so much, but I bet they producer’s least favorite thing is putting up the medal counts.

    #4 I address in the linked articles but there are highly rated TV shows that are essentially figure skating. I remember seeing the figure skating of old, very very different from what it is today. Still, I repeat this, I really like to watch the figure skating when the women are involved.

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