The Day Dream Comes True

The sweet snow
The Sweet Snow!

day dream
The Day I Have Been Dreaming of!
I captured this photo on Saturday March 2, 2013.

Day Dream — Sunny, Still, and Temperature in the Zone

Nothing was wrong with the weather. The sun was out, the air still, the temperature in the mid to upper 20s (around -3° C) just about perfect for snow riders. The snow was not sticky due to the temperature and was about as fast as it gets (a bit warmer would have added a bit more speed, but not a lot more). The snow was in good shape and the crowds were also just right.

Day Dream — The Crowd

two guys
Two Guys Riding up the Chair
Ski Brule was not crowded like it was last weekend and but it was not empty. I was skiing mostly by myself and got to meet a lot of neat folks. Lift lines were not usually long but I hit a few of them, probably after a stoppage.

Day Dream — I Was On!

My skiing was good that day. I spent about 2/3rds of the day skiing with my poles in my left hand and my camera in my right hand. I was filming most of the runs I made (at least until the battery died) and I came close to capturing a yard sale. I did catch the aftermath, but had I caught the crash it would have been super as the guy who crashed had a tumbling double ski release. However, I need to remember to point the camera down the slope and not perpendicular to plumb.

Holding the camera like I did gave me results with mostly showing the far horizon and the sky. I also need to stay tighter to the fall line and that wide traverses are not very interesting and the yard sale I talk about occurred during such a traverse (actually, I was skiing over to the left side of that trail and then I was going to seek the fall line again) and the crash was out of my lens at that time.

I took some still shots both with my camera (with kit lens with a polarizer) and my phone. The attached photo is from my camera and I changed the sweep orientation to portrait and swept Ski Brule in that fashion, I like the resultant image better.

The sweet snow
The Sweet Snow!
Ever wonder why I changed the color scheme? Blue, yellow, and white the colors I dream of!

If you are not a frequent skier, I suggest saving your money and ski at this time of the year rather than the holidays. Not only is the weather better, the snow deeper, the lift tickets cheaper, the lift lines shorter but there are more reasons to love March skiing.

Like many people who can not resist taking yet another photo of a sunset, I can not resist taking photos of and writing about these bluebird days.

Day Dream — How About YOU?

Leave a comment and share what you like about bluebird days? Perhaps share a memory or stories related to a beautiful day on the slopes.

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