The End is Nigh

As you may have noted, I went skiing this last weekend.

Usually at this time of the year at the happy carving grounds it appears to be full on winter. However, this winter it appears to be full on spring up there. The snow is disappearing fast up there, at least in the woods and around the cabin. The drive in on Friday evening we could see exposed dirt and leaves on the road and when we got to the cabin, quite a bit of the driveway base was exposed. In addition, the snow on top of the cabin is mostly gone, ice on the decks is rapidly melting away too.

Saturday was brilliant sunshine and temperatures of around 50° F! Ski Brule knows how to take care of their snow, the very top of the hill and the very bottoms were very soft but the trails themselves were tolerable. If you did not mind somewhat reduced speeds the skiing was excellent. I only recall feeling the tug of mashed-potatoes grabbing at my skis once maybe twice the whole weekend.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday except the sunshine was not so brilliant. Weather forecasts and reports have this pattern holding out throughout this week and one fellow mentioned some heavy rains are on the way. Alas, the end of the 2009-2010 ski season is nigh. Get your skiing in now before it is too late.

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