Ski Better with these Off-Beat Tips

Ski Better with these Off-Beat Tips

Ski Better with these Off-Beat Tips[/caption]There are a number of standard methods we use to ski better, such as: ski often, hire instructors, or take lessons. There are other ways to become a better skier and I present them to you here. None of these entirely replaces competent instruction but they can help to make your time with an instructor more fruitful!

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Essential Sugar

Sugar is an important part of our diets and we do crave it and seek it out. Do we grasp for the sour or watery fruits? Do we rave about the wines produced in bad years? Do we instinctively look for the most sour foods or the sweet foods? Yes, our bodies, ourselves are programmed to seek and eat foodstuffs with sugar and the more of it the better. […]