Getting Fit for Skiing Do Not Forget Nutrition!

do not forget nutrition
Make Nutrition a priority in your fitness plan!

do not forget nutrition
Make Nutrition a priority in your fitness plan!
The majority of the articles on various snow sports sites is getting physically prepared for skiing or snowboarding. A couple of good examples of this theme are an article I wrote roughly two weeks ago, this article ,em>Get In Shape for Skiing and Snowboarding by the Brave Ski Mom and yet another example is Ski Conditioning by the Middle Aged Ski Bum. However, the nutrition aspect of physical fitness is a topic I see much less in ski and snowboarding magazines.

In my saga to reclaim my physical fitness I have seen much writing state that nutrition is much more important than physical activity and exercise. I tend to agree as I have successfully lost weight through nutrition alone, but exercise alone did not work as well.

Do Not Forget Nutrition — The Macro-Nutrients

There are three general classifications of nutrients termed macro-nutrients and that is because we need them in large amounts. Those three are:

  1. Fats
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Proteins

Our bodies can use all three macro-nutrients for energy but the body mostly uses proteins for building and body repair and uses some fats to make various stuff. However, if you are not getting enough calories the body will convert the protein to energy. The body’s priority is to keep the fire burning.

Do Not Forget Nutrition — The Micro-Nutrients

We term vitamins, minerals, and other such nutrients as micro-nutrients. We need them but only in tiny amounts. This is one big reason I would never engage in a low-carbohydrate diet because fruits and vegetables contain lots of essential micro-nutrients but since they contain lots of carbohydrate they are often forbidden from low-carbohydrate diets. I have heard of people engage in these diets on the advice of their doctor but other than that do not engage in fad-diets.

Do Not Forget Nutrition — The Science is not at all Settled

One refrain we often see in the world of nutrition science is that food that was once bad is now good and food that was once a super-food is now becomes nearly a poison. The only thing I take from these studies is that nearly every food is bad in excess and usually good or at least not harmful when consumed sparingly or in moderation.

Do Not Forget Nutrition — Calories In Less Than Calories Out

Eat a balanced diet and keep the calories you take in less than or equal to what you burn by your daily activity. It really is that simple! Get a phone app to track your calories and get have reasonably accurate idea of your calorie balance. Those applications can also help you eat better too. Knowing the calorie in vs. calorie out balance helps to understand the very real tradeoffs you must make. Sure, that extra piece of chocolate cake would be nice, but not at the cost of the extra protein you need after the brutal workout.

If you are not providing your body with good energy and the material it needs to build and repair itself exercise will not help as much as it can. Since eating well is the foundation for health upon which exercise builds, make sure you eat right.

Do Not Forget Nutrition — Your Approach to Diet and Snow?

Do you watch your diet and do you alter your diet at all as snow season approaches?

Good Stuff!

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