Driving in Snow

driving in winter
Carrying a Message that Must Get Through!

driving in snow
Carrying a Message that Must Get Through!
A negative on winter is driving in snow and ice, I would rather drive to and from my skiing without having to worry about keeping my wheels locked onto the road, However, wishing about things like the climate do not get you much. Given that I am not going to move out of the snow and ice zones what choice do I have?

Driving in Snow — It Can Be Fun

Yes, at times I enjoy driving in snow and ice. We live out in the country (ish) and our roads are not a high priority for plowing. That means in the morning when I wake up with a blizzard going on I need to put the truck into 4×4 immediately and I must focus on the driving, but it is fun! The bumpiness of it, using the accelerator at the right time and getting off of the accelerator at the right time. Plowing through that deep snow and making it through gives me a subtle satisfaction. In fact, it is much like skiing gates in that there little time to think too far ahead and you are incredibly focused on the now.

I also like those times and places when I can safely do it and I goose the accelerator midway through a turn and the back-end of my truck gets loose and swings around a bit faster than normal. Given my experience driving I know the right amount just to add a bit of swing and I yell WEEEEE as the truck’s backend swings around. As you would expect my tropical treasure (my wife) does not view that in the same way I do.

Driving in Snow — It Can be Treacherous

Fortunately, I have not had an accident while driving in the snow. Sure, I have put the vehicle in the ditch a time or two but luckily nothing serious. However, we all know it can happen, your car hits a slick spot and gets loose as an oncoming car is in our errant car’s way.

The cold is also harder on our tires, our batteries, and of course the salt on the roads eat away at our car’s body.

Not only is it cold but we spend much more time driving in the dark. In the summer I am biking in sunshine and twilight till about 8:30 pm but during the winter as soon as I leave work at 5:00 pm it is well dark already. Driving in the dark is much more challenging not just because of limited visibility of the surroundings but when it is dark our bodies want to sleep. That is definitely a great thing about March and April skiing, driving from the resort in sunlight.

Driving in Snow — The Reward

When I am going UpNort for a weekend of skiing nothing beats arriving at our destination, even if the place is cold and we need to warm it up; better in the cabin than on the road. I get to work on the fire, we unload, and then go to bed knowing that in the morning we will be out on the road again to the ski hill! Rarely is it ever snowing too hard to keep us from skiing and the cabin!

Driving on ice and snow and getting to your destination is another small triumph over adversity!

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