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On Sunshine
The Sun's Amazing Impact on Life!
One thing I definitely do not like about ski season is the lack of sunshine. I do not get real depressed or anything during the winter, but the summer sunshine is very much appreciated. I would say the winter can be a sunny season too, just not for very long. I appreciate a nice sunny winter day, but the fact that is dark by 5:30 pm is not so much appreciated.

What is worse is gloomy and cold spring weather, that type of weather can put a real damper on my mindset.

Our language contains a lot of references to the fact we prefer sunshine.
I remember one time, we were in a gloomy situation visiting a sick and elderly relative. I walked into the room and it was gloom, the atmosphere was very much like there were thick and heavy clouds, but my wife walked in and immediately the clouds departed. I like to liken my wife to a ray of sunshine. She is very good at that, turning a gloomy situation into something better. Sure, maybe the gravity of the situation is no different, but being down about it is no way to face such situations.

Remember that song, walking on sunshine? And don’t it feel good?

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