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Skiing Bumps

I am not into skiing bumps. By bumps I mean piles of snow that have hardened up instead of piles of soft snow. Piles of soft snow can be carved through but not moguls you either go around them or over the top. I have been in mogul fields a couple of times but the problem is they are often formed only on the runs that are steep (and hence offer enough challenge without the bumps) and that combination keeps me off. […]

bad ski news -- riding up a chairlift
The Sharp Edge

A Season’s Pass — The Buffet of the Ski World?

What is it about visiting a buffet? All of a sudden we become obsessed with getting every last penny of dietary value (and we usually measure that by quantity and not quality) out of our entrance fee? You probably do it and so do I, normally we go to a sit-down and spend twice (or perhaps 3-4 times) as much and not fee like we are getting ripped off, but when we go to a buffet we feel as we have to eat like a prolonged famine is about to hit. Yes, admit it you do it and so do I! A season’s pass to a snow resort is essentially the same thing. […]

Losing the Weight -- Womand performing box jumps
Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

Fit Skiing with the Help of Andrew Hooge!

Fit Skiing offers a large number of exercises a skier can incorporate into their training sessions to focus on their special needs as skiers. Off of the top of my head there are probably about 150 or so exercises offered and most come with video demonstrations of Coach Hooge talking about the exercise and what muscles the exercise trains. In addition there is written material about the exercise. […]