Skiing Bumps

skiing bumps
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I am not into skiing bumps. By bumps I mean piles of snow that have hardened up instead of piles of soft snow. You can carve through piles of soft snow but not moguls you either go around them or over the top. I have been in mogul fields a couple of times but the problem is they are often formed only on the runs that are steep (and hence offer enough challenge without the bumps) and that combination keeps me off. I was at Nordic Mountain and there was a run they left bumped up and none of those runs I considered steep. So I stopped by the field, eyed it up, planned a line, skied into it, and fell down between the second and third bumps. Kudos to Nordic Mountain, a ski patroller was on the scene before I could do much of anything, and all was well. I have also taken accidental turns onto bumped runs with similar results.

Skiing Bumps — A Good Video

Elatemedia offers a good video on skiing bumps:

I highly recommend watching Elatemedia’s videos on skiing, you will learn something (though I have watched another Elatemedia video that left me quite unimpressed with the instructional part) in every one.

Skiing Bumps — More Challenge

If you are paying attention to this you are probably already a good skier and are looking for more variety and challenge and that of course is a good thing. I love laying down carves at high-speed, but lets face it does get boring we all need the variety to keep us interested, we all need a challenge! My challenge is not coming from being the best skier anywhere so I need to find other ways to keep things interested.

Skiing Videos — One of the Two

There are two things I focus on in preparing for ski season. The first is my fitness, fortunately I am entering this season way ahead of all of my previous ski seasons. I am cardio-conditioned like I have never been before (or a long-long time) and my muscles from head to toe are in good shape. The other preparation I do is to seek out videos such as the one I embed above. I watch them over and over again, listening, watching, and thinking. In addition, I spend a fair amount of time watching the professionals on the FIS World Cup circuit. I really think the time spent watching makes a big difference.

Good Stuff!

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