The Sharp Edge -- Northstar Explains its side of the story
The Sharp Edge

Northstar Explains

Northstar explains the Shred Mom flap in a statement by general manager Beth Howard regarding Shred Mom’s viral post: On February 25th, at approximately 1:50 p.m., Northstar Ski Patrol was immediately alerted to an altercation […]

The Sharp Edge today focuses on Northstar's Statement on the Shred Mom Incident
The Sharp Edge


The ski resort Northstar is in the middle of a social media storm. Very reminiscent of the story from five years ago regarding Sunshine Village regarding a ski patroller being fired for ostensibly reprimanding a […]

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Lutsen Ski Resort Review

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The Caribou Express chair is the best seat in the house. It serves Moose Mountain and its feast of blue goomer runs (with some double and single black runs included, also some mogul runs and glade runs are in the mix). The Caribou Express chair is a detachable high-speed six seat chairlift and does its best to get you back to the top quickly. […]