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The Sharp Edge -- Northstar Explains its side of the story

Northstar explains the Shred Mom flap in a statement by general manager Beth Howard regarding Shred Mom’s viral post:

On February 25th, at approximately 1:50 p.m., Northstar Ski Patrol was immediately alerted to an altercation at the Vista Lift Maze. Ski Patrol, Security and Mountain Safety promptly responded to the incident and completed an investigation. One eyewitness to the incident stated Mrs. Danelle Muresan-Foster was the party who was physically aggressive toward another guest. The eyewitness stated that Mrs. Muresan-Foster collided into the male guest in the lift maze from behind; she fell to the ground; and, he tried to help her up. The same eyewitness also stated that Mrs. Muresan-Foster initiated the physical altercation by slapping the other guest. Mrs. Muresan-Foster admitted to the security officer who responded to the scene, a former Sheriff’s officer, that she slapped the other guest. No witness beyond Mrs. Muresan-Foster reported any physical violence toward her. The investigation also found that the other guest engaged in inappropriate behavior with abusive language. Our security officer repeatedly offered at the time of the incident to contact the local authorities for Mrs. Muresan-Foster, however she repeatedly refused. After concluding our investigation, Northstar restricted the skiing/riding privileges of both guests.

This is the other side of the story we all need.

Northstar Explains — Both Parties Sanctioned

Shred Mom’s piece makes it sound like she was the only party who was officially sanctioned by Northstar. Northstar states that both her and at least one other person in the flap lost their privileges to use Northstar. Of course, Shred Mom would not necessarily privy to that.

Northstar Explains — Accounts do not Match

There is no mention of Shred Mom being physically struck but only verbally abused. Also, Shred Mom reports she was warned NOT to call the authorities while Ms. Howard states her team offered repeatedly to call the authorities. Who do we believe?

Northstar Explains — Her vs Many

So, now we have the resort making a statement on what their investigation turned up vs. what Shred Mom reports. Northstar’s statement is based on eyewitness interviews and Shred Mom’s testimony is only her own, and reports from others she passes on, in other words hearsay.

Northstar Explains — Her Son

Shred Mom states: The same snowboarder had ridden full speed straight at my 9 year-old son, screamed at him to get out of his way, and almost knocked him off the deck of the superpipe. She would hardly be the first parent going after someone she views as threatening her child. In fact, searching YouTube yields many such videos of parents reacting violently after their child is involved in an accident or was in a near-miss:


Many will undoubtedly take this as “blaming the victim” but victimhood has not really been established, the Northstar statement clearly indicates Shred Mom instigated the nastiness. Shred Mom indicates she was sweetness and light and got punched for it. Those of us not privy to the details of the investigation and witness statements only have Shred Mom’s statement and the statement of Northstar to go on and we have to pick a side. This is why we should not judge conflicts based solely on one-sided stories.

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