I rarely and explicitly copyright any of my works here. Nor do I put up notices of other copyrights here.

Most of the work here is owned by myself through Snowflake MSM LLC but I do borrow works from others from time to time. Mostly in the form of YouTube videos and there are some images I have used, but most of these are images of images that are well within the public domain. For example, the famous painting of Sir Isaac Newton I can not recall where I got the image from (other than to say Google Images) but the image is a straight up copy of the original and is not embellished or processed at all, so I think it quite fair to pull the copy.

However, other images I am not so lackadaisical about. I was at one time hunting for an image of the knee joint, but could not find a decent one that came with the necessary license, so I abandoned the post I was contemplating. One image I have actually purchased is the image used for my unordered lists bullets. I purchased that image from (they google easily look them up on your own) this way the person who crafted that image gets some compensation for their hard work.

Likewise here. Given how easy it is to copy another’s work on the Internet I am not going to spend a lot of time watermarking and otherwise attempting to block your ability to copy the works here. Most every technique I have seen used to attempt to prevent people from copying works on the Internet I have been able to overcome (however, that material is NOT republished and is for personal use only). One or two of those methods required some effort, but most very little effort was involved.

So, if you want to copy material from this site, all I ask for is to please give me credit and a link back (and please do not hotlink the work, if I notice the hotlink I will put something to embarrass you). If you want an image in greater resolution than I provide on this site please contact myself (a form will go up sometime in the future) and we can talk.

Good Stuff!

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