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You are starting to see more activity at this site. That is a good thing too. Right now, the activity is mostly on the new camera the wife and I purchased. I am reviewing the camera and letting you know what I like and dislike about the camera.

However, you may have also noted fiction here with the second installment of Turnquest publishing yesterday. I may not be Ernest Hemingway but I am not charging you for it either and it is something I like to do.

I have written a bit about our summer activities and am working to incorporate more visual elements into my articles here mainly original photography. It is not easy or quick to do but I do it for you! One thing I ask of you, if you like an article, a photograph, or story, please share it with your friends any way you can. Mentions on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and others are always appreciated but comments, backlinks, and telling your friends and neighbors always helps.

Now that I have my photo library management software running well, more and more photos should start appearing and I am eager to start building up a more professional and varied library of photographs.

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