Riding to Freedom!

Today, I spent about three hours Riding to Freedom and back. This was an important step for myself, first to get my distance up (both single ride and cumulative) and the next step is to ride to my brother’s house in Depere, which I thought to do today.

Riding to Freedom — Damn the Winds Full Speed Ahead!

I did not pay close attention to the winds today, I was fully intent of making this ride regardless of the winds. On the way out I felt like I could ride all day and all night, yeah, the wind was at my back or at worst cross to my ride. I was considering pushing to my brother’s house (he wasn’t home anyway) but I figured I had better not and just stick to the plan I had put down. Good thing.

I am still under 1,000 miles for the year, but I am only about 10 miles short of that. The 1,000 mile mark puts me at 50% of the way to my overall season mileage goal.

Riding to Freedom — Dogs

I had to deal with one dog chase today, a small to pushing medium-sized yapper style dog took after me. Typically, I get past the dog’s yard and it stops, but not this time it kept the chase and so I upshifted and stomped on my pedals, and I finally “exited its territory”. Owners, keep your damned mutts under control!

Riding to Freedom — On Road Repairs

About 40 miles into my ride I noticed my rear tire was flat (not fully flat, but it was soft). I pulled over and pulled out an air canister and my air-chuck and then shot some air into the tire. I was then able to resume my ride and finish it off. That expenditure finally earns its expense!

Riding to Freedom — A Fitness Goal Achieved

Last year at this time I weighed about 250 pounds and after this ride I weighed myself and I came in at 199.4 pounds! I have been working to this goal now since last year. Overall I am light-years away from where I was then in terms of fitness. I am much leaner and I am seeing and feeling muscles I never knew existed!

Riding to Freedom — Determination

I knew it was going to come to it again, when I figured out I was going to ride home with a head wind, but biking is simple. It is simply one revolution after the next, with the gearing you can make the revolutions harder or easier but it is up to you to spin them out. The best thing about biking is, it forces you to carry on, if you are in the gym and you are not feeling motivated to continue your workout there is nothing stopping you from — stopping. When you are 25 miles from home on your bike and things get tough, you have no choice you have to continue to crank.

Good Stuff!

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