Excuses of an Olympic Stature!

2006 Winter Olympics
Excuses from the 2006 Winter Olympics

2006 Winter Olympics
Excuses from the 2006 Winter Olympics
This compilation of excuses of an Olympic stature is from years ago and from a different version of The Olympic Skier. Back during the 2006 Winter Olympic games Bode miller did not perform up to expectations and in fact was not sufficiently reverent of the games and the competition, seemingly more interested in partying than competing. I took the opportunity to write up a list of excuses for the US Ski Team as a whole for the 2006 performance.

In discussions on various Internet chat groups people thought I was serious about castigating the US SKi Team (and Bode in particular) and in the discussions I also neglected to note Julia performed well in addition to Ted.

Anyway here is the piece.
With one exception [err, two exceptions, Ted & Julia performed well] our ski team did not do too well at the Turin Olympics. Here were some of the excuses heard.

  • 10.) Those Atomics passed up by the Austrians were rigged!
  • 9.) What? Miller time meant it was time for Bode to ski and not to have a few cold ones?
  • 8.) The hot babe on the side of the hill caused to me miss that gate!
  • 7.) Well, its not like missing a gate is something new to me!
  • 6.) I had neglected to get my hands properly pole strapped. Dang it next time I get Kwik Straps!
  • 5.) That Frenchy must have thought the Germans were after him in the downhill event!
  • 4.) Oh well, it isn’t like this is the only skiing event this year!
  • 3.) I was promoting a new event, the gate straddle event!
  • 2.) I was focusing on the NASTAR competition in March!
  • 1.) Gold is such a base metal, I want platinum!

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