Differences between Skiing in Dubai and Wisconsin

Skiing in Dubai
I Lived int he UAE for Six Years

Skiing in Dubai
I Lived int he UAE for Six Years
Here is another humorous article from The Wisconsin Skier v1.0. More of these articles are forthcoming as I am now spending some time digging them up and re-publishing them. At first, most of them will be comic pieces but as time goes on I will recover the others.

You may have heard, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates now has a ski hill. Yes! It is an indoor ski hill with a chairlift and multiple runs.

Here are the top 10 differences between skiing in Dubai and skiing in Wisconsin:

  • 10.) For lunch instead of a chilli dog and cheese you get a falafal sandwhich and yogurt.
  • 9.) If you violate the rules the ski patrollers don’t just clip your ticket, they cut your head off.
  • 8.) The riblets never make noise. The squeaky wheel gets lots of oil.
  • 7.) Apres Ski consists of schwermas and fruiit cocktails.
  • 6.) When you leave, you have to run the car to cool it down instead of warm it up.
  • 5.) Instead of yelling AAAAHHHH when schussing the hill you yell “Allahu Akbarrrrrrrr”.
  • 4.) The hill workers come from India rather than Jamaica
  • 3.) You never have to worry about flat lighting, temperatures far below zero, or other goofy weather conditions.
  • 2.) During football (or NCAA tourney season) you never have to worry about choosing between the Packers (or the Badgers) and skiing.
  • 1.) The hill is full of Oscar Outtacontrols just like the roads!

Skiing in Wisconsin

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