Olympic Pond Skimming?

Spring Skiing 2014!
Spring Skiing 2014!

Olympic Pond Skimming!
Olympic Pond Skimming!
Olympic pond skimming, how about it?

I snapped these images a few years during a spring fling, seems to me I have another image in the sequence but this is what I have available right now.  This is not an example of a good pond-skim, but the type of thing we often see, I do give the skimmer credit for trying!

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However, the type of great pond skim is shown below and this has me thinking, I believe the next Winter Olympics should include pond-skimming events. Of course, the competition would be divided by skiers and snowboarders as well as between women and men. No need to have a single pond in a run, the course could include multiple ponds and score on tricks as well as water splash, the nastier the trick and the bigger the splash the bigger the score, unless the big splash is being created by crashing into the water.

How about it? What would your pond-skimming competition be like?
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