Be a Beater or Don’t — As You Like

Be a Beater or Don't As You Like!
A monumental score!

This article is interesting and makes a point or two I believe we all should take to heart. This is my favorite part:

Ski-Bro Lingo and When to Use It

Short answer: Never.

Long answer: Unless you’re at home, bragging to your mom/dad/significant other/pet about “how hard you sent it” and how “epic” and “gnar” the “blower” was today, please stop talking or use normal, adult words. Enthusiasm is encouraged, high volume is tolerated, but ski lingo is extremely annoying. When you have legend status and ability like, say, Seth Morrison, you can talk however you want. But here’s the thing: Seth doesn’t talk like that, and you will never ski like him. The best way to sound cool is to shut up and let your skiing do the talking. Besides, anyone who says “sickbird” unironically is either high, really high, or both.

Be a Beater or Don't As You Like!
A monumental score!
Just don’t use that talk, its not original and no one thinks you are cool for it, even your four year old brother thinks you are a dork for talking like that. I do not use that language preferring clear language. I would like to come up with my own terminology but have not yet really put any effort to that nor have I had any flashes of inspiration.

be a beater -- non-beater pole! The second anti-beater rule:

Long answer: If you ski for a living, people will give you next year’s outerwear and it’s your job to wear it like it’s no big deal. Barring that, keep things as simple as possible. Solid colors are a good call. Muted tones will keep you anonymous when you blow up under the chairlift, so restrict the neon to a flashy pair of goggles, gloves, or poles (preferably from the ’90s—more on poles later).

I violate this rule for the reasons stated at the top of the rule, I don’t get such gear annually but when I do I treasure it and I wear it even though they probably dug the item out of the last chance clearance (I can’t believe we tried to market that combination of colors) bin. Since I have an affinity for loud colors I am quite okay with all of that. Even the Nordica firearrow designs (often described as “clownpuke”) of a few years ago do not phase me.

Be a Beater — The Rest of the Article

The article goes on about other aspects of proper ski gear. The article urges all to wear a helmet. Why one would not wear a helmet is beyond me? They are not geeky looking, they are quite common now, they are warm, can help you tune up better, and most importantly protect your head! You need that stuff in your head on and off the slope, do not scramble it up!

The poles! I like the portion about the poles and mine are quite beat up, festooned with NASTAR stickers, and just gnarly looking. I don’t care and may get new poles when I upgrade to new skis. No whining? That applies all day and night no matter where I am at what I am doing.

My skis are still my old K2 Threes which are due for replacement but right now there are other priorities and I am thinking about starting to rent and demo skis, yeah, beater I know.

Good Stuff!

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