Music, Places, and Times

One thing I find frequently happening to myself is when certain songs come on the radio or I play them I get whisked back not only to a time but often times to a specific place. It will not take a lot of imagination or recollection to bring the times and places back.

One such song is a song called Ring My Bell by Anita Ward. What song has the same effect on you?

When Ring My Bell comes on I am instantly whisked back to a place on Shawano Lake and hearing this song on the radio. It isn’t like I really l liked the song but it got a fair amount of air time back in those days (late ’70s) and now that song and that setting are forever married.

There are many other such musical marriages. For instance, it may seem strange to those of you who know about the Happy Schnapps Combo, but the tunes from one of their albums takes me to the Philippines. I got a tape and shortly after I received that tape I took a trip to the Philippines. I can still that little boy dancing to the music. When the Don Giovanni overture comes on I can imagine myself in my villa just back from my first trip to Dubai unwrapping that treasure and playing it for the first time. I have CDs with music by Ravel, Bartok, and the Kronos Quartet take me back to Khorfakhan. The strange thing is, the Kronos Quartet CD’s name is Winter Was Hard.

The only thing that even comes close to the power of music is the power of scent. However, it is harder to find unique scents that can be tied to just one setting. Every now and then I get a whiff of men’s cologne that takes me back to the Phi Sigma house, one of my fraternity brothers wore a cologne I smell only very rarely and when I do I go back to those days.

I suppose that is why eventually most people give upon trying to keep up with the new music — they want to go back to the past.

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