The Packers

Being The Wisconsin Skier you can be sure I am a Packer fan. I was born in Green Bay and was only miles from Lambeau Field when the Ice Bowl was played (however being roughly six months of age at the time, I was not there) so yeah, I am a Packer fan.

One thing great about most of the NFL season is it does not conflict with skiing. Eventually though it does, especially if the Packers are in contention for a playoff berth or are in the playoffs.
However, it usually does not stop me from skiing. I can always ask lift attendants what is going on or take a break at the lodge, watch some snaps, get warm, and rehydrate (I am saying that with a sly smile).

Fact is, I feel more alive on the slopes than in the bar watching the game. I like to know what is going but I am not necessarily keen on knowing about every single instant of the game. This is becoming more and more a part of my non-ski season attitude too. I like to have the game on the radio or the TV but I am not necessarily paying rapt attention. I’m shopping, I am working on something in the garage, I’m cooking, I’m talking about next weekend’s plans, etc. I have a hard time justifying completely blocking out three hours of my time just to watch TV.

This is why I like Packer parties so much, not only do we have the Packers on TV we have friends and family to fill in when the game is not compelling. GO PACK GO!

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