The Auto-Biography of The Wisconsin Skier

Not going to go tell all here, but want to give you all a glimpse into some of the events that have shaped and molded myself.

I was born in 1967 in Green Bay Wisconsin and my brother arrived on the scene in 1969, that is all I have for siblings right at that American average. We moved around a little bit but not a whole lot, my first memories were in Manitowoc WI and summer working vacations (working for Dad & vacation for the rest of us) out to New York. I think it was at this time I also have very foggy memories of skiing for the first time at Hidden Valley I don’t remember too much about those first ski trips, just I did them and some runs down the bunny hill.

We then moved out of Manitowoc to a spot in the country just outside of Manitowoc, it isn’t so country anymore but my parents still reside there.

We grew up there and I did not ski again until I was in high-school. Of course, I recall more about the skiing and I was starting to get competent on the greens and and when that season ended we did not pick it up again the following season, no particular reason.

I spent my youth exploring the nooks and crannies of the surrounding farmlands and woodlots, imagining myself off in Alaska or some real wilderness, scouting out furbearing critters.

All during this time, we would go “UpNort” mostly camping & fishing trips in the summer time, but eventually my folks bought a lot on a lake up there and our camping trips turned into camping at the lot or staying at nearby cabins. Eventually our cabin went up and the camping came to an end. Still, the trips up there were mostly summer trips with the latest stays being around the end of November which is when Wisconsin’s deer hunting season occurs.

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