Watching Skiing Not Skiing

Lorie poses in front of hte Copper Peak sign
Lorie and I at Copper Peak

Today, I am watching skiing instead of skiing.

That is okay, last weekend I got three days in, SA, SU, and MO. I was thinking of getting some runs in on TU but I decided that would make things a little too hectic and that was the last thing I wanted. Instead, we got in the truck and started to drive around.

So, Lorie did not get a pose in front of Blackjack’s hill so we stopped there and she struck a pose and so too did I. Then we moved on and went to Copper Peak which is impressive from a distance but is kinda underwhelming there. I suppose if we visit in the summer and take the tour up to the top of the scaffold my tune will change. Copper Peak is neat and the obvious neglect is a shame, that venue by its very nature is world-class but it needs some upkeep and maintenance.

From there we moved on and stopped at Big Powdherhorn Mountain to see the new lodge. Impressive, we can finally walk into a ski lodge without feeling like we have time-traveled to the 1970s. I have photos of that on my camera (and not my phone) and will dedicate an entire post to it later.

From there we hit US HWY 2 back to our cabin and did a thing or two and then went to our friends at the Chain O’ Lakes Campground in Eagle River.

So I got some skiing in. However, life does go on and I was tentatively planning on making firewood but it is sturgeon spearing season WI and my firewood crew is busy with that. I have things to do around the house too (i.e. update this site, update other sites, diagnose a washing machine, etc) so I attend to all of that.

However, now I am drinking my coffee and watching skiing (as well as the website chores), if I am not skiing I want to at least be watching it. Thanks to Universal Sports this is not only possible, but easy!

Good Stuff!

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