Skiing ABCs E

Skiing and Alpine Terms starting with the Letter E

Skiing ABCs E
The Skiing ABCs E
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Skiing ABCs E — E is for Edge

Modern alpine skis have edges, edges are simply strips of (some sort of) steel laid into the bottom and outside of the skis. The edges are critical for skis to be able to obtain and maintain a solid hold of the snow. Without edges much of modern skiing would be impossible.

In order to get the most performance from your edges you need to keep them sharp. You can do this yourself or you can simply let the pros at your favorite resort or ski shop handle it. I suggest taking it on and learning how to do it yourself. Save money and learn more about your sport!

Skiing ABCs E — E is for Elan

SKiing ABCs E is for Elan Elan is an another brand specializing (mairdnly) in the manufacture of skis and snowboards. Elan is based in Slovenia and is a common brand of skis you will see others skiing on.

Elan fields a race team of 23 athletes.

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