The Skiing ABCs J

The Skiing ABCs J -- Ski terms and jargon starting with the letter J.
Ski terms and jargon starting with the letter J.
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It has been a while since the last installment of the Skiing ABCs but where is the latest installment: The Skiing ABCs J

SKIING ABCs J -- A photo of Jackson Hole buildings + Ski trails
Jackson Hole

The Skiing ABCs J — Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is the best known ski resort in Wyoming. Jackson Hole is home to the famous Corbet’s Couloir which is on many people’s bucket list. There is plenty of YouTube video of people easing into the couloir but precious few videos of people launching into it with style. Either way you do it, it is good!

Skiing ABCs J -- Niseko japan
NIseko Ski Resort Japan

The Skiing ABCs J — Japan

Japan may surprise you being on this list, but in actuality some the worlds most fabled powder snow is located in Japan. Niseko is the best know of Japan’s ski reosrts but not the only one. Japan also fields an FIS ski team, the team does not typically place high but every now and then they do get onto the podium, especially in the slalom events.

The Skiing ABCs J — Jump

Normally when thinking of skiing and jumping we consider the Nordic ski sport of ski jumping, but as we know alpine skiing involves much jumping. From pre-jumps, to jumping off kickers and ramps, to jump turns. Many of us end up unwittingly jumping when we approach a lip at high speed, we take an involuntary jump and as long as you are properly balanced you should manage to land such jumps just fine.

Jump turns are a skill often used when skiing on extremely steep terrain especially when you are not able to take good wide traversing turns down the run (ie couloirs, chutes, etc).

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