There Goes Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine is Always Welcome
There Goes Sunshine

Well, as this post is publishing the sun is crossing the celestial meridian from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere on its journey to The Tropic of Capricorn. In more plain language, Fall or Autumn is here.

While I have put out some words and text signaling my not wanting summer to leave I do find Autumn a time of joy. Watching my farmer friends and neighbors reap their harvests is always a joy, the sound of tractors and combines humming as the farmers harvest their corns and beans and get them to the marketplace. Cooler weather less conducive the mosquitoes and other insects is always welcome. A chance to walk in the woods whether with saw or my 20 gauge 870 is always a treat.

Of course, I would be remiss in not noting this is just another progression to the upcoming ski season.

In my mind the worst thing about this time of the year is the unfortunate layout of the roadways. Sun in my face in the morning and sun in my face on the way home in the late afternoon. Oh well, in about three weeks that will no longer be a problem again until late February or early March.

Farewell sunshine until next time.

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