Warren Miller HAD Best Beware!

Here you see my first composed video. I have posted video here before, most of it videos from YouTube created by others or my raw camera video. However, here you see video composed of scenes I recorded and then put together and edited!

The music however comes from the Grateful Dead’s July 17, 1989 Alpine Valley (which doubles as a ski resort during the winter) appearance and is the opening song from that show Let the Good Times Rolls, a show which I WAS AT!

The first scene is a bike ride I took on the nearby Wiouwash trail, cold day and I caught a long nagging and nasty cold from it. The second scene recorded in my brother’s car on Vilas County HWY A on our way to Ski Brule. The third scene is me skiing down Ski Brule’s Big Bear and this is my second ski film attempt, this time I hang the camera from my neck and tuck it into my jacket. I had to tuck it in because untucked the weight of the lens causes the camera to point at my ski tips and that makes for rather uniteresting video — which happens in the second ski scene skiing down Brule’s Otterslide.

The last scene is our fireplace at home and the credits. The snippet is only about 10 seconds or so of video and I repeat it a number of times.

Nothing spectacular, just something else for me to learn and try to apply to promote the efforts of myself and others!

Good Stuff!

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