bored -- Boredom or excitement the choice is yours. A sign.
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Gregg at Slopefillers put this out on Twitter: I’m becoming more and more convinced that the only reason some people get “bored” at smaller ski areas is because they’re expecting to. Gregg @slopefillers on Twitter […]

The Sharp Edge -- Northstar Explains its side of the story
The Sharp Edge

Northstar Explains

Northstar explains the Shred Mom flap in a statement by general manager Beth Howard regarding Shred Mom’s viral post: On February 25th, at approximately 1:50 p.m., Northstar Ski Patrol was immediately alerted to an altercation […]

The Sharp Edge today focuses on Northstar's Statement on the Shred Mom Incident
The Sharp Edge


The ski resort Northstar is in the middle of a social media storm. Very reminiscent of the story from five years ago regarding Sunshine Village regarding a ski patroller being fired for ostensibly reprimanding a […]