Earn the Joy!

I have wrote about this before, and yesterday instead of settling into my easy chair and watching the Tour De France I took my own bike ride!:

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As the ride was coming to a close I knew I could check-mark a goal that has been on my list for some time and that goal was by no means was trivial. Despite the numerous long rides I have made this summer, the ride was a stretch for me which my legs and the touch of cyclist’s palsy (aka handlebar palsy, a numbing of the pinky side of the hands due to extended pressure on the ulnar nerve) confirm; so it was a bonafide accomplishment in my book.

The only drawback is now I have to replace the old goal with a new and grander one!

After I cleaned off I went into town and got some dinner, on the way in some good Grateful Dead was playing and my bloodstream must have been saturated with endorphins as the feeling I had was of pure joy. The best thing about that joy was it was bought with a real accomplishment.

Now it is your turn to accomplish something and earn the joy!

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