Are You Inspiring Fitness or Simply Bragging? Share Your Inspiration!

Are you inspiring others or simply bragging?

One thing I have seen, is people criticize are those who post their workouts on Facebook. The critics charge those who do that as braggarts. I use the Endomondo app on my phone to track my bike rides and when the ride is complete it pushes the facts of the workout to FB, with the stats such as calories, miles, time, and average speed. I am becoming active on Endomondo too, designing routes for me to spin and following those routes (I also am using Livestrong, but the Livestrong interface is very clunky).

One frequent theme I hit here often is the need many of us have to become more physically active and being a person who likes the outdoors I try to get that into the mix. Gyms are not bad, but when the endorphins are released the blues of Lake Winnebago seem more crisp, the green hay fields more green, the smell of the fresh cut hay wafting over the roads and trails (wild roses, or other flowers that are common along the trail) more vivid. In the gym all of that is missing.

I remember, we were going to split some wood and I got the maul out and set up to split some firewood. No one believed it was going to happen, sure enough it wasn’t too long before the wood was split, I was not the strongest or most enduring but I got it started.

I am seeing the same with my biking. My rides are not that big of a deal, there are a lot more folks who can ride faster and farther than I do, but at least those people around me can see it is possible for mere mortals.

I am not bragging, but I hope I am inspiring!

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