Helmet Laws

Do you wear a helmet while skiing or ‘boarding? I started to do so last year and did not find it a real big deal. The helmet I obtained was warm, it did not look dorky, and of course I can wire it up and it will deliver the tunes to my ears much more reliably than does a set of loose earbuds.

About the only disadvantage I could really detect was less clearance while walking through doors or any other overhead object. I feel the additional protection a helmet affords the skier or ‘boarder well worth the cost and as I note the disadvantages are over-hyped.

I still have a distinct opinion on compulsory helmet wearing.

If the ski resort is the source of the requirement I am okay with mandatory helmets, but if it is the government demanding mandatory helmets then I oppose. In fact, we are starting to see that come about, ski resorts certainly feel okay to enforce helmet wear on their employees and minor guests, but I would be okay with a general requirement for snow resort guests on the slopes. Perhaps those wearing helmets can get a discount on their lift ticket prices? I’ll let the actuaries determine a fair discount.

However, I do not want state (this goes for you too counties & feds) legislatures sticking their noses into how I gear up for a day on the slopes and I am sure the resort operators are full up with governmental inspectors and the like and don’t want it either.

So, if we have any skiing actuaries out there, perhaps you can come up with a dollar number on how much helmet wear reduces insurance claims, that way you can offer a discount to ski resorts.

What say you?

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