Yahoo’s Series of Articles on Skiing

Yahoo is showing up in searches for ski articles on a very frequent basis of late. However, most of the articles are very poor quality not only in terms of writing, but also in terms of the material itself.

In fact, I read a dangerously misguiding article on Yahoo, I link to it, but understand the article is rubbish! The author was giving advice on skiing and skis and through a combination of ignorance on the author’s part and typos the author gave not just bad advice but dangerous advice.

While the authors of the Yahoo pieces are members of the general public and I am guessing the work is not vetted by Yahoo; the fact the article appears under the Yahoo banner lends undeserved credence to the articles. If I were Yahoo, I would worry about a lawsuit over someone trying to follow the advice of the last article I link to.

While a number of sports are generally harmless, skiing is a sport that can present serious risk of injury to the participants. The author of that article recognizes the danger inherent in skiing but then fails to recognize their own ignorance and gives dangerous advice.

Even more comically (if one considers the article comic in its dangerous ignorance) the author talks about downhill skiing competitions as if they are a demolition derby or a NASCAR (with a C not a T) race. No, downhill ski racers (as opposed to ski-cross races, but even then I have never seen intentional contact) race the clock. That is the each racer skis alone and their times are recorded; it is not a Chinese Downhill!.

I get the sense the author of that piece is not a skier, but is a content farm writer, is that what Yahoo has become? Sad.

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