Politics Here?

Those of you who know me personally, understand I pay close attention to the politics of government, and in fact have been hands-on involved with campaigns and local party activities. Those of you who know me through this website of mine may or may not be able to guess what side in the debate I favor (though, if you are coming from Facebook or Twitter you will be able to gather a solid idea of where I am coming from), but that (I hope) would be a blind guess.

Lately as we get close to the November general elections, the politics of governance is creeping onto this site. That political-creep is ultimately under my control but read on to see why I am making my decision to allow that content to remain.

I run Google AdSense here to generate some revenue from my efforts here. Lately as we are in full political advertising season I am see Google AdSense is serving up political advertisements. In fact, I see the advertisements are very much one-sided, but I do see the fellow’s opponents web-advertising on other sites.

Now, I could go to AdSense and block these advertisements in Google’s competition block filter. However, I refuse to do this. I do this for two reasons, mostly because if you are interested in seeing more about this fellow who am I to block you from that? Either candidate is a decent person whom I could accept as governor of Wisconsin but obviously there is one I prefer. The next reason I refuse is purely commercial based, that is I view this as an opportunity to earn some wealth.

Do not assume The Wisconsin Skier endorses any advertisement here and I remind you not to gratuitously click on web-ads, only click if you are interested. Only three more weeks or so and the political advertising everywhere disappears for about 1-½ years.

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