Ski Brule is Open for Business

Let the Skiing Begin!
Let the Skiing Begin!
Let the Skiing Begin! While I am not a fan of skiing in the sort of conditions we see now (At this time of year hiking the woods with a shotgun is what I have in mind) Ski Brule is open and I say finally. Time for me to get serious about the ski season preparations.

Ski Brule is not the first USA ski resort to open, but the first in the Upper Midwest.

Ski Brule also makes a huge effort to be the last in the region to close. However, that we’ll worry about that in about four to five months from now. As is always the case the first run to open is Log Jam not too hard but if one can handle it, Log Jam should get you back to the top of the run off.

It will probably be about 1-½ to two months away before I ski, by that time Ski Brule will be 100% open and I can ski their black runs and ski chair to chair (mostly). It has been a long and good summer, but I say bring on the winter!

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