REI You Are Doing Good

REI You are Doing Good

The recent revelation that REI is going to keep its doors closed is a welcome one! REI you are doing good and here is why.

REI You Are Doing Good — Against Creeping Crass Commercialism

We have all seen the annual stories about long lines early Friday morning, the stampedes, the people fighting over the last on-sale item and now these stories are starting to start on Thursday evenings. REI is yelling STOP!

I have nothing wrong with stores and retail outlets fighting to earn customer’s trust and spending dollars. In fact, my 925 job is in the retail industry. What I object to is the start of these events moving into Thursday. REI’s move is to at least retard this motion to Thursday and let us hope it reduces the pressure to open early and offer less cutthroat promotions.

REI You Are Doing Good — Reward Them!

Do we want to see this continue? If so, then we need reward REI and you do this by patronizing them! Mind you, I am not being asked or paid to make this statement (I work in retail for a regional chain of stores). Now this does not mean you have to spend all of your Christmas gift money at REI but spend some if you have not before and tweak it up if you have spent there before. I have many friends in similar small retailers in the area and I want to see them thrive and you want your friends and neighbors to thrive too. Also, you don’t have to spend the Christmas money there, they are open 12 months a year.

REI The Wisconsin Skier Salutes you!

Good Stuff!

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  1. I so love the REI Opt outside movement and REI paying their employees to be outside or with family on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Been in the REI Co Op since 2003 and have never been more into their message. Yep, REI is getting some more of my coin than normal this year.
    Thanks WI Ski Man Sir for the coverage!

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