Wisconsin Ski Resorts

Third Most Ski Resorts in the Nation!

Wisconsin Ski Resort -- Devil' Head
Not Steep, Not Deep, but Still Fun!

Wisconsin Ski Resorts — Number 3 Nationally in Terms of Ski Resorts Count!

In life we often make trade-offs between quantity versus quality. In Wisconsin nature has taken the later option off the table with regards to mountain resorts and so we have not choice to go for quantity. Interestingly enough Wisconsin ski resorts are plenty in number, in fact, in terms of numbers Wisconsin is third in the nation! New York is far and away number 1, Michigan is number 2, followed by Wisconsin (mind you, the UP should be a part of Wisconsin).

Wisconsin Ski Resorts — An Outdoor Heritage

Wisconsinites are famed for their love of outdoor activities. Skiing and cycling are only two of the possibilities. Wisconsinites love to hunt, fish, cycle, hike, camp, xc-ski, downhill ski, swim, snowmobile, ice-fish, etc. We love to get outdoors. Many of us also work outdoors and shun working indoors, again, farming is only one possibility.

Given that Wisconsinites love the outdoors, it should be no surprise we have a large number of ski resorts. Yes, the resorts are often times stretching the definition of hill (let alone mountain) but as I have stated so often, what choice do we have if we have a weekend and want to ski? Very few of us (anywhere) can jet off to a true mountain resort for a weekend lark.

Wisconsin Ski Resort
The Wisconsin Ski Resort — Granite Peak
The point is not to try to brag that fact up or try to make the case Wisconsin is a skiing destination (it is not) but getting by with what you have. Yeah, I’ld rather ski on a big mountain but as I always say, if the choice is between skiing on a small hill or sitting on the couch (or even going to the gym) skiing smaller wins easily.

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  1. Great take on Wisconsin shredding. We have many cool hills all over the State and while it’s not the tops….it is always a great time to be outside and part of the non living room herd.

  2. Hey, Just wanted to say, nice article I happened to run into here. My name is Clem and I just moved to Fox Lake, Il from Boulder. I already miss the Rockies and can’t wait to go to Telluride Super Bowl weekend.

    I’m an old timer and DeadHead also (187 shows from 85 -95). I stumbled on your Grateful Dead piece when looking for something else.

    I just bought some old planks for these midwest resorts cause all I have are an old pair of Bandit XXX’s that are still my all time favorite ski.

    Anyway hope to run into you sometime on the Wisconsin hills. I’ll be out there.

  3. Clem,

    Wow what a show count!

    I usually ski at Ski Brule and at the resorts in the region we call Big Snow Country and I make an appearance or two in Wausau at Granite Peak. I have a taste of skiing big mountains and I hate to break it to you but the difference is very real and significant. However, since you are living here. Being in Fox Lake IL would probably work for you to go up Lake MI’s east shore and get to Boyne and Nub’s Knob. I also suggest joining a ski club as they often arrange group trips.

    Welcome to the Midwest and above all thanks for reading and leaving your comment!

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